Into CTRL - July 2020

I designed levels, designed gameplay, and implemented animations for this 48-hour gamejam game.

Into CTRL is a short pixel-art game where your keyboard is the battlefield. Press keys to guide your character through computer virus enemies to get back to the CTRL key.

Foxcrest - April 2020

I wrote a dialogue system, an interaction system, created all 2D and 3D art, designed all gameplay, implemented all audio, and wrote all narrative.

Foxcrest is a short adventure game where you have to explore a dark forest and try to track down a park ranger while picking up and disposing of any trash you find along the way.

Plasticity - May 2019

I performed weekly Usability tests and worked closely with design, art, programming, and production to ensure that knowledge gathered from our playtests was being incorporated into the finished game.

Plasticity is a brief narrative game about how the choices a single person makes can affect the environment.

The Witch and the Wisp - October 2018

I designed the gameplay and puzzles, implemented 2D art, and implemented audio.

The Witch and the Wisp was made as a 48-hour gamejam where upperclassmen helped underclassmen learn more about game creation. You play as a witch AND a wisp, and by using both you solve puzzles inside of a mysterious house.

Candy Comet - August 2017

I created all art and music, did all level, gameplay and narrative design for this 2-week gamejam game.

Candy Comet is a collect'em'up platformer heavily inspired by Katamari Damacy. Play as a fox and bound across rooftops to collect the candy falling from the sky!