About Me

I attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles from 2016-2019 before graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Interactive Entertainment.

While studying there, I was able to explore programming, game design, art, music, writing, and participate in a number of game jams on-campus.

Since graduating, I have been living in Huntsville, Alabama to work in Unity for a local contracting company making training applications.

While working on these projects, I have been able to lead a development team, obtain a Scrum Master certification, and continue to work on personal projects in my free time.

I enjoy watching arthouse television/cinema, playing narrative-driven games, and reading both fiction and non-fiction. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have also adopted some new hobbies, like grilling and live-streaming video games.

Some pieces of media that are the most inspirational to me are Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime 1995), Twin Peaks (Television 1990), Infinite Jest (Novel 1996), and Undertale (Video Game 2015).

During the pandemic I have also been watching a lot of musicals, my favorites being the original Cats musical, the Heathers musical, and Phantom of the Opera.